Let the QuadBlogging Begin!

I’m so excited to start our first QuadBlogging project. QuadBlogging was begun by David Mitchell, a deputy head teacher (vice principal) in Bolton Lancashire, England. The idea was a simple one…many schools had blogs but no one was doing much commenting so he thought of a way that other schools could get involved. Here is his own explanation.

Would you believe over the last 12 months 100,000 pupils have been involved in QuadBlogging from 3000 classes in 38 countries. Now it’s our turn!

Where in the world are the other schools in our Quad? Check out the locations!

[map id=”7″]

This is Mr. Drummond’s Blog. He teaches a P4-5 class in Broxburn just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland (that would be grades 3-4 for us.) We will be visiting his blog for our first week and making comments on what his kids are doing in school. I’m so excited that one of our schools is in Scotland. I have lots of friends who live in Edinburgh!



Here is what Mr. Drummond’s school looks like. Does it look like ours?

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These are the other schools we will be visiting over the next coming weeks:


This is Ms. Head’s Blog. She teaches years 3-4 at Vardon School in Hamilton, New Zealand. We will have to ask Ms. Head if “years” in New Zealand match our “grades.”




This is Mr. Sherbow’s Blog. He is teaching grade 4 at Helman Elementary School in Ashland Oregon in the United States. He lives in a town just like us.


8 thoughts on “Let the QuadBlogging Begin!”

  1. excited to hear about the Edinburgh blog, Aimee’s Mum and Dad met at uni in Edinburgh and lived there for 10+ years before emigrating to Canada. Aimee’s Mum used to work at Edinburgh Castle. Aimee has visited Edinburgh as she was a bridesmaid for one of Mummy’s friends.

  2. Congratulations Keifer! You are the first kid to add a comment to the blog. Well done! Alright class, who’s next?
    Ms. Feist

  3. Congratulations to Eli’s dad, Rich and Keifer’s big sister, Kasper for winning the championship game in banffs baseball league. The Bears Rock!!!

  4. Thanks Keifer Ièm proud of my Dad and Kaspar.
    We did the lava lamp today except without the rubbing alcohol. It looks super cool!

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